About the OCC

The simplest way to define the Outdoor Chic Clique is that it is a group of women who in some way take part in an outdoor lifestyle.  While the group has actual members, it is open to any and EVERY women who has a passion for the outdoors and what it has to offer.  There are so many women’s outdoor groups, events, and companies out there, that it is easy to become devoted to one without embracing them all.  It doesn’t matter WHO you are affiliated with, WHAT you do, WHERE you do it, or even WHY.  We understand that part of the Group’s name includes “Clique,” and that in itself defines an private group, but that is all the more reason we specifically chose that name.  It doesn’t matter who or what you are


 affiliated with.  It is time to see appreciation and inspiration in what women in a, once male-dominated world, are up to, and what get’s them out there doing what they do.  If you are a woman who lives the outdoor lifestyle…YOU are in the “Clique.”  It is a meaningful, inspirational, and fullfilling lifestyle that I encourage everyone I meet to take part in.  Women have a hard enough time proving their spot in the hunting and fishing world, we don’t need each other making it even harder.  If you are a woman PROUD of her outdoor lifestyle and love to see others doing the same, its time to join the Outdoor Chic Clique and be a part of the fun.  Become an interactive part of a group of women from around the world who share the same passion as you.  Not only could other women in the group learn something from you, but you can learn from the other women.  We have a great interactive Facebook group, awesome contests (with prizes donated by great companies who support the female side of the outdoors), and amazing information that will keep you engaged and motivated to “Get Outdoors!”

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you in the “Clique.”  If you have ANY questions, please email us at outdoorchicclique@hotmail.com

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