About Us

IMG_1295We all want to Get Outdoors.  There is just something about being an outdoorsman and getting to experience some of the best moments the world has to offer; those moments the majority of people don’t even know exist.  Get Outdoors is aimed at just that…to provide motivation, information, and the tools to just Get Outdoors and make new moments.

We look forward to bringing you interesting topics like interviews from outdoor role-models and some big names in the industry, being able to show you the latest and greatest the outdoor industry has to offer, provide motivation to make your adventures better, and hopefully try new ones.  We have hopes of providing all this great information in an unique and entertaining way that will keep you coming back to check out what’s new.

Another big piece of this site is for the ladies.  Aside from the main page, women have the Outdoor Chic Clique to look to for women’s specific discussions.  Here women’s specific gear, topics, and concerns will be highlighted.  Be sure to check out the Outdoor Chic Clique for more info.

Let Get Outdoor with Amy Spoon help you make your next memorable moment.


If you have questions or comments about ANYTHING, lets hear them.  outdoorchicclique@hotmail.com

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