MAGNUM Mocha – Protein Coffee

img_8280I have a new morning obsession!  I LOVE coffee and I love protein shakes in the morning for breakfast.  A few weeks ago, I was running out the door with my coffee in one hand and my protein shake in the other.  I must have looked pretty comical trying to get into my truck.  Yes I am stubborn, and refused to set one down to free up a hand.  Yes, I managed to make it into my truck.  No, I didn’t have a full cup of coffee at that point.  😦

The next morning, a light bulb went off – “ding!”  PROTEIN. COFFEE.  Now I have tried adding protein powders to my coffee before, but they never blended well and the taste was off.  It ended up just ruining what I love about coffee in the mornings.

I decided to try mixing my current protein powder, MTN OPS Magnum Chocolate Malt, with my coffee, and see how it turned out.  One taste, and I was in love!  I created a super simple, super tasty coffee treat for my mornings that not only tastes fantastic, but only has 110 calories, 23 grams of protein, and fills you up. img_8279


1 cup Ice

1 scoop MTN OPS MAGNUM Chocolate Malt Protein Powder

2 servings cooled black coffee (any kind you like)

AND Blend…. thats it!


What I usually do is make my coffee and then set it in the freezer while I get ready to let it cool down.

Then right before I leave, I blend everything up and head out the door with ONE glass filled with a SUPER tasty coffee treat that is packed with protein and lots of other ingredients your body will thank you for.  If you are a coffee freak and looking for a way to feel great about enjoying a delicious coffee treat in the morning, try out the MAGNUM MOCHA!

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