calling black bear

If you were lucky enough to draw one of WA’s spring bear tags that were just announced, here are some tips if you want to try calling in a black bear this spring.

black bear

John Stallone Days in The Wild

I pulled this article from its got some good info

While there are calls designed exclusively for bears, one can attract bears using common predator calls. The key to calling bears is to call non-stop until the animal is within firing range. When you stop calling, the bear will stop approaching. Some experts claim that calling will often attract sows more readily than boars. When you consider that sows often leave young cubs behind to come running to the call, you may inadvertently bring a sow with cubs into your shooting range. You should make it your practice to only shoot boars when you call.

One common misconception about calling bears is that if you make moaning sounds like a sow in heat, this would attract the boars. This is not true, bears are not a very vocal animal. It is not uncommon for a boar and sow to…

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